Musical Love Letters
Inside the Sound
by Maz Weber-Caspers*


Dear Family!

We are grateful for this communication and space. On our shared journey with A Course in Miracles, in which co-healing on earth is central, we have learned to regard everything through the Spiritual Eye of Divine Orchestration.

Music and Painting is our way to channelize and access our Soul's very essence, express co-creatively and share on a more abstract level than words or language could do. Language, however, is music too although its content points more easily to specifics.

For this newsletter we are guided to share some jewels from our co-creative endeavors. We have noticed there is an experiential knowledge of what we had first grasped as concepts and specific methods, and it is taking place more frequently. Driven by the desire to deepen our understanding of the Holy Instant, of non-reciprocal Revelations and the workings of the Spiritual Eye, we want to share some of our music and paintings in that order. We are mightily blessed in sharing and increasing the awareness of fearless Atonement in these times of massive celestial-speed-up.


~ A Little Song of Gratitude to Him
Who Leads the Sonship ~

"His Face" MP3

Our journey began with Jesus appearing to us in numerous ways. The most profound encounter was his portrait appearing on a blue summer sky, in the volcanic area of the Eifel in West Germany. The Bible and also other transmissions before the Course, i.e. through Jacob Lorber, mentioned such an event and Ankie captured his appearance very accurately. This painting will soon be available as a print, in limited quantities. The Song's lyrics are written by the late Michael Garneaud from London, called "His Face." Thanks to Kemal Sumer for his gift of a guitar to play this on.

Yoshua by Ankie Caspers


~The Glorious Re-entry into Full Communion
with the Creator~

"SunLit" MP3

After years of practicing the Course, with its practical down to earth instructions for miracles and for healing, listening, learning and doing, the aspect of the involuntary experience of Grace as Revelation dawned in our lives. Jesus says that the time is already set by each of us. This composition is given me to share in the spirit of readiness. It reflects the experience in a way that I could relate to it from stillness, joy and devotion. It is a meditational but ecstatic "ticket" and invitation to that state. May "Sunlit" join us by miracles and gladden our Souls in either glad anticipation or gratitude of preparation.

"SunLit" by Ankie Caspers


~ Honoring Our Ancestors and Healing the Residues
of the Unforgiving Mind~

Martin's Online MusicCafe ~ Walburgata

This album was recorded at the place of baptism for my brothers, my sisters and myself, on a spot that was sanctified by the old Celts around three to five thousand years ago, in the Rheinland. I was guided to spend some time there to be a channel on the new organ. Much of family history is associated with this very attractive and modest catholic church. Walburga was a daring missionary from England who came to Europe and is famous for building a nun's monastery right next to a monk's monastery. Now, how about that for a co-creative communal closeness! For those who enjoy organ improvisations, and for all loved ones who went before us, I was very much inspired and moved during the recording and felt time collapse and the pipes represent the inner emptiness so God could play His Themes through form; His Call for all of us as One, as a Sonship to be restored. Also, it represents total integration of past and an influence to live fully in the Present.


~ Sign of the Times ~

Embassy of FlevoArt

As the Sonship evolves in learning and returns within with a process called "restoration", we learn a lot about the unified purpose and the universal curriculum. We think to have understood that for all times, mankind has understood one thought as the central and timeless guide for behavior. Now that the ancient prophecies of homecoming come into fruition it is good to review the scriptures of the world and find in them all, the Golden Rule. The composition of "FlevoART Ambassy" and accompanying instrumental, meditative compositions invite you to listen to the Golden rule. This composition features music from 14 World traditions whose scriptures all contain the Golden Rule which is so basic, so powerful and so needed as a guide for human interaction.

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*Maz is currently the voice for the Original Edition [OE] of A Course In Miracles, produced by SonShipRadio. A Course in Miracles Workbook AUDIOBOOK is due to be released on CD soon. As a translator, Maz serves the OE so that it can be shared globally; and as chairman of the Curtis Knight Foundation he produces local radio programs, internet radio shows and other endeavors to promote and support co-creativity on a broader scale. He was given the title of honor 'Ambassador of Multi-Cultural Flevoland' for his many years of creative services to the global and local community. A renewed web presence for SonShipRadio is envisioned in the near future. For now, his work is accessible through direct contact and personal connection rather than wide-spread viral web services. SonShipRadio welcomes the joining with those with creative skills so that together SonShipRadio may expand its range of services.

Dancing Dolphins by Ankie Caspers


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